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Nye's Exhibitionist Tendencies

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24 February 1978
I am a person with so many varied interests. I'm a bit of a geek fan-girl. I just like hanging out with geeks. I like computers, video games, role-playing games, anime, sparring with shinai, dancing, designing buildings, music of all types, writing, animals, the outdoors, good food, books, and a ton of other assorted stuff.

I'm a year married, and I currently live in Antioch. We just bought a house! In the years since college I've lived in the greater Sacramento area and all along 680 and 580. I graduated with majors in Business Leadership (management focus) and English Creative Writing (British Literature focus) from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in southern CA. I went to Faith Baptist Schools from Kindergarten until I escaped to college.

I grew up in an exceedingly strict, religious home as an only child. I find myself somewhat intolerant of organized religion as a result, but I'm all for individual beliefs. I am a spiritual person, but my personal beliefs run the gamut. There are a lot of things that I respect in other cultures, and I enjoy exploring other ways of seeing things and doing things.

By trade, I am in property management. I manage low-income housing operating under the IRS's Section 42 program. I like my work as it requires a lot of multitasking. I am also a trainer for the company, and so I get to visit many other properties. My work is sometimes challenging, usually interesting, involves lots of different kinds of people, and requires knowledge of all manner of things. In that, it suits me pretty well.

I do a lot of things for fun, see Interests. I wish I could spend more time on most of my interests.